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IRCTC Login Process and Registration Procedure

Procedure to Login in IRCTC

User can login in or sign in IRCTC account if he already has an existing IRCTC account that he has created before. If user doesn’t have an IRCTC account, then create your first and then log in to your account for tickets booking. You need to follow the following steps to book tickets.
1. Go to the IRCTC login page.
2. Enter your IRCTC login or sign in User ID and password.
3. A window shown below will appear on screen.

IRCTC Login Process and Registration:-

Home page of IRCTC looks like depicted below:- With the growth in technology transport medium has become most improved and consistently updating itself. Travelling is a method for transport which has developed step by step before there were bullock trucks and now there are prepares and flights. Indian railways are world’s biggest railway networks. Currently it is covering more than 117,020 km of railway routes. Image depicted above give clear view of home page of IRCTC portal.

IRCTC Sign up Procedure

1. Go to IRCTC official portal using Google or any search engine as per your comfort.
2. Select IRCTC log in page option.
3. A sign up option will appear in the right side of the page.
4. Click on Sign up link.

5. Then a window will open where user need to fill details such as User ID, password, security questions, Date of birth (DOB) details, name.

6. Please enter your details properly.
7. It is mandatory to answer security questions because it will be beneficial in recovery of password when someone forget password of IRCTC account.
8. Please enter your valid Email-id and mobile number correctly because this is where IRCTC will send verification link for further processing.
9. Enter your Identity Details and other details correctly.
10. After successful details submission enters the Captcha correctly and save.
11. Remember if any required details or Captcha is not entered properly then you won’t be able to move for further processing.
12. Click on ‘Submit Registration Form’.
13. After successful submission of registration a verification link will be sent to user registered Email to activate account and it also allow to change your username and password as per your choice.
14. Remember when you will click on verification link only the account will get activated otherwise user will not be able to activate the account.
15. If someone enters wrong email id or mobile number then all process need to start from beginning.
16. User will be able to login only after successful account creation.
17. To learn the tickets booking procedure user must refer to IRCTC user guideline.
IRCTC websites allow passengers to book tickets using online booking facility of IRCTC. To enjoy these entire facility users must register with accurate details.

Documents for Registration in IRCTC

It has been long time since IRCTC is availing facility of online ticket booking and users become used to with this facility. To reserve tickets online passengers do not need to wait in queue, it also makes things quite easy to perform all the tasks. Online tickets booking is quite easy process and nothing is complicated is this procedure. To use the facilities new user need to create account and to create account users must have some important documents.

List of required documents

1. Enter your correct name as per your documents.
2. Date of birth as per documents.
3. Aadhar Card number
4. Pan card number
5. User must have a valid email id to verify account identity.

Without valid email id IRCTC not allow new users to create IRCTC account because IRTC sends account verification link along with user name and password. Once user click on link then account will be automatically verified. So it is quite important to have valid email id and password to create IRCTC account.

Steps to visit the official IRCTC Portal:

First of all user must have proper facility of internet on his mobile phone, Desktop and laptop. Then, Open your Browser and enter official address of IRCTC i.e. www.irctc.co.in, you can enter the address in URL directly. This official address will redirect user into login section. When user choose to go with Google then it will display link of home page and also other options such as IRCTC login, IRCTC Next Generation, IRCTC online passenger, or sign up. Click on IRCTC login button. When user chooses to go with Google then following screen will be display.

Click on link that you want to pick to login into your account or you can select other options that you want to use. When someone clicks on IRCTC login the following page will appear on screen.

Full Procedure to Login in IRCTC

User can login in IRCTC account if he already has an existing IRCTC account that he has created before. If user does not have an IRCTC account, then create your first and then log in to your account for tickets booking. You need to follow the following steps to book tickets.
1. Go to the IRCTC login page.
2. Enter your IRCTC login User ID and password.
3. A window shown below will appear on screen.

4. Enter the 3 digit code that represents stations passengers want to visit. For example BPL (Bhopal junction), HBJ (Habibganj junction)
5. Choose the Date of Journey and return ticket as per your requirements.
6. Then press submits button then the details of the trains will appear on screen as per your schedule.
7. Choose the trains as per your choice.
8. Choose the category you want to travel with like general, sleeper and Ac.
9. After selecting the quota choose the quota as per your choice.
10. Check the current status of the Available seats in each category.
11. When passenger click on class option then complete details about the available seats from date of journey.
12. After selecting the date it will ask you details of the passengers for whom you want to book tickets for the travel.

13. User needs to provide the details in certain format along with identity proof details.
14. Always carry original ID -proof that you entered the details of identity during your journey.
15. It is mandatory to enter details otherwise your tickets may get cancelled during your journey.
16. User must carry the same id -proof whose details you provided during ticket reservation.

IRCTC Ticket Booking Through Mobile

Mobile phones changes almost everything in terms of shopping and allows users to order anything online. Similarly tickets booking also become quite simple. IRCTC allow users to reserve tickets through IRCTC app. User can easily download the app from Play store. Follow these steps to register in IRCTC app.
1. Visit play store if you are android mobile user or app store if you are IOS or Windows user.
2. Search for IRCTC App.
3. Choose signup if you are new user.
4. Enter your Login details with valid login id and password

Tickets Booking through Counter

Counter Ticket booking is traditional ticket booking system. In this system user can buy ticket by cash from the cash counter.

To get ticket user need to follow some simple steps -
1. Passenger needs to stand in a queue in front of ticket counter.
2. Pay complete fare.
3. Receive your ticket.

IRCTC is an venture of Indian Railway launched in 27 September 1999 that allow passengers to perform various task such as tickets booking and tickets cancellation apart from this Portal also provide information about Current status of PNR, refunds procedure, ticket cancellation policy, tracking current status of reserved train tickets history, booking Tatkal ticket, etc. here passengers will also get complete information regarding account creation and operating procedure of account.

IRCTC stands for Indian railway catering and Tourism Corporation that handles almost services of Indian railways from tickets booking to catering purpose. Indian railways are Indian venture operated by Ministry of railways.

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