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  • Tatkalirctc user must know that user has not taken much time to fill all details when you book tatkal tickets. If you are getting more time to fill all details, then you will less chance to get tatkal IRCTC tickets.
  • To book tatkal IRCTC tickets candidate must have IRCTC id & password if you don’t have IRCTC id & password then first create your IRCTC account. After that fill your IRCTC username and IRCTC password in our website Login Detail section.
  • Passenger book IRCTC tickets one day before the journey.
  • Tatkal IRCTC tickets booking time starting from 10 am for AC seats and 11am for Sleeper seats
  • A user only books four tatkal IRCTC tickets in a day. If you want to book more than four IRCTC tatkal tickets, then you can book more tickets by login with the other IRCTC id & password.
  • The Tatkalirctc autofill extension only increases your chances to get tatkal IRCTC tickets it is not responsible for reducing tatkal booking charges. So you also pay the tatkal booking charges at the rate of 10% of basic fare for second class & 30% of basic fare for all other classes.
  • The Tatkalirctc autofill extension not provides the facility to change the name. So your all details fill correctly otherwise tatkal IRCTC not responsible for this.
  • Tatkalirctc autofill extension not provides separate trains for your tatkal IRCTC tickets booking.
  • The Tatkalirctc autofill extension is not provided refund on cancellation of tatkal IRCTC tickets.
  • The Tatkalirctc autofill not provides waiting lists of passengers.

tatkalirctc.com provides platform to book Tatkal tickets in quick time. It will help passengers to book their Tatkal tickets within 30 seconds.
Increase the chances of confirm ticket up to 60%. Use this wonderful facility to assure your confirm Tatkal ticket.

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